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‘Settlers of Catan’ gets a new name after complaints: ‘loading’

Spelfabrikant 999 Games has the name of one of their most successful games changed: ‘Settlers of Catan’ is no more, now you can play just ‘settlers of Catan’. ‘He word settlers has a nasty taste.’

The game manufacturer says for years, complaints about the name of the game.

“Maybe We should go back to the bare roots and were noted on the Dutch colonial past. We would even give support to the construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank’, says Bert Calis, a spokesman of 999 Games.

The company wanted to rid of those negative connotations, therefore, was the name of the game in all silence changed to ‘settlers of Catan’, without the ‘settlers’.

Empire building

In the latest edition, it is intended that players as quickly as possible a number of points can be scored by roads, villages and cities to build. “You expand your empire in a country that does not yet exist’, says Calis. “It’s not a war, and there are no historical events re-enacted. Of colonization of countries where people live is not.’

There are now 1.5 million copies of “Settlers of Catan” sold. In 1999, the game was voted ‘Toy of the Year’.


The colonial history is located in the Netherlands sensitive. The Dutch leader Klaas Dijkhoff of the liberal democrats called the amendment ‘cramped’. According to him, let the manufacturer lead by a few gekkies in their mailbox.

Also in Belgium, leads the colonial past regularly to discussions. Minister of Asylum and Migration Theo Francken (N-VA) gets on social media bright. He called the change “politically correct madness”.

‘It’s all our fault and the only thing we, white Europeans – are still allowed to feel is shame and guilt’, latch on to it.

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