Protest against clear backpacks: This backpack is worth more than my life’

Transparent backpacks are not a solution to gun violence. That find the pupils of the school in Florida, where 14 people have been shot. And they let their displeasure.

The school in Florida where a former student on February 14, opened fire, clear backpacks for students.

The students question whether the measure makes sense. ‘How transparent backpacks to protect us from an AR-15?’, ask Kyra Parrow.

‘These backpacks reach absolutely nothing’, says Kyrah Simon. ‘Not every item in the bag is visible and 3,000 backpacks check is impossible.’

Another student notes that the problem of gun violence, other schools are concerned. In addition to a false sense of security cards, some students the lack of privacy. What with products for intimate hygiene or personal medication?

The students let their displeasure with the messages on their new transparent backpack.

A 17-year-old boy put his backpack then packed with tampons, and says that he would have already learned a lot.

Some students hang a symbolic price tag to their backpack. 1,05 dollar is the money that senator Marco Rubio, the NRA has received divided by the number of students in the state. “This backpack is probably more true than my life’, it sounds.

The measure was introduced after two students at the school have been arrested with a knife, reported The New York Times. In a letter let the governed know that each student with a free bag would get. The students should also be required to have a name card to wear. There are also plans for metal detectors to install.

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