Police were alerted to Nasim

Mountain View – The shooting on YouTube, in which three injured, had been avoided.

The police was told that veganiste Nasim along the way would have been to YouTube. Later, she shot three people down.

The police said the female shooter a short time before they took action, but showed her to the dismay of her family walk away. The situation would be ’under control’.

That while the agents were warned that Nasim Aghdam a bloedhekel had on YouTube and they maybe was on its way to the company.

The actievoerende veganiste thought her videos were censored by the site.

The police found her night sleeping in a car, in fifty kilometers away from YouTube. They were alarmed by her father, the woman as missing.

Hours after the confrontation with the police ran the 39-year-old woman to the office of the video company, and shot at three people. One of them, a 36-year-old man remains seriously injured in hospital.

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