Pamela Anderson owes Playboy

Posing in Playboy has Pamela Anderson done well. That tells the actress in an interview with Us Weekly. “It gave me the direction back over my life and my own sexuality,” she says about the blootreportage that in 1989 they suddenly a star was.

Pamela says that they are to Hugh Hefner and his magazine a lot to thank for after they as a child by a “bad female babysitter” was abused. “I was painfully shy as a child,” she says. “As a young girl gave Playboy me a voice. It has my life really been saved. I was caught and had myself free. It was a breakthrough for me, and the chance for artists and activists to meet. So I found the will to live.”

Pamela claims that her success is not matter and that she has a lot to do to get to where she is now. Despite the fact that it encourages people who have similar experiences, have experienced to go to their dreams. “Be brave and dare to go in search for the unknown and when you can do that, you can really live.”

In november last year caused Pamela to fuss with statements about the #MeToo movement. They found that the victims should have known better when she was alone in a hotel room appointments with the cases, the film producer Harvey Weinstein. Later she informed her comments and explained that she and other women just wanted to warn.

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