Missed opportunity or still resit Ødegaard?

by Robin Jongmans – The doctors of SC Heerenveen and Real Madrid, Friday in conclave on the future of Martin Ødegaard. The voetbreuk that he suffered in the duel with Heracles Almelo likely an abrupt end to the Frisian adventure of the former tienerfenomeen, of whom the lease contract this summer will expire. And that gives a bitter taste.

Martin Ødegaard

Had Heerenveen and Ødegaard, not much more can do for each other? The Norwegian, who until mid 2021 established in Madrid, had a Premier league sensation. The cold, hard figures that he in forty matches played stuck with only three goals and four assists, while there is a hefty compilation of actions to make your mouth water. Ødegaard has shown above average talent, but was predominantly on the right side standing. With all the freedom, but too often, you saw him balls to retrieve with your back to the enemy goal and against the collateral posted. While he has the occasional times that he is on his favourite number ten position, such as in the bekerduel at Excelsior this year, managed to conjure from the axis of the field.

But Ødegaard at that position took ’too much risk’. It seems in advance is not excluded that Heerenveen try him a year in rent, though the 19-year-old international of Norway in foreign media has stated in a level to want to play. If the stay may have been inspired by the current medical situation, be renewed, Heerenveen and the new to appoint a trainer, there may be a good idea to the team more for him to focus. A year and a half Ødegaard in the province of Friesland, it feels a bit like a missed opportunity.

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