Lynda Carter open for a role in Wonder Woman 2

The star of the 70s television series Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, has ears to a small role in the sequel of the movie around the superhero. That left the actress to know during the ceremony on the Walk of Fame, where they Tuesday, her own star received.

Lynda had to Variety know that they have the decision whether they appear in the film, which is scheduled for the fall of 2019, “left to the universe and to Patty.” This refers them on Patty Jenkins, the director of Wonder Woman which was also continued for her.

Patty and Lynda have a good relationship: the director was one of the speakers during the ceremony on Hollywood Boulevard on Tuesday. “By her Wonder Woman, I believed that I could do anything I wanted, and more importantly: as a result, I was embarrassed, there won’t be that I wanted to,” said Patty about the work of the 66-year-old actress. “She was not afraid to take a loving and strong and she was not afraid of her femininity while everyone was in charge and changed the world.”

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