Lex Gaarthuis find loss ochtendshow ’pity’

Lex Gaarthuis and his team of Radio 10-ochtendshow the Best Lex were wed night only to be informed that their program will soon disappear. NPO Radio 2-dj Gerard Ekdom take their place in september, to the disappointment of Lex.

“Unfortunately stops much too soon, our morning adventure at Radio 10 with the Best Lex,” writes Lex on Instagram. “This news we received this morning to hear. Despite the significant growth that we have in these 15 months have been realised in the morning there is a ochtendshow, with Gerard Ekdom. Of course, I find this very unfortunate but I wish him all success.”

Where Lex will reappear is not yet known. “The next time I go in conversation with Radio 10/Talpa Radio, and look where my future lies, but you’re certainly not rid of me on the radio, in the coming months, we are still together on the Radio 10.”

Lex Gaarthuis began in January 2017, with the Best Lex. He had a ochtendshow on 100% NL. The arrival of Gerard Ekdom to Talpa Radio was Wednesday afternoon announced. He has a October 2015 the ochtendshow on NPO Radio 2, and was for many years heard on NPO 3FM.

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