Korotaev wants to be ‘second family’ Roda JC are still completely take over

Although he in the past few months spent in the cell, want to investor Aleksei Korotaev still in love with the owner of Roda JC.

The Swiss with a Russian background was at the beginning of last year to three-year prison sentenced because he is an uncovered cheque to the value of 17.7 million euros drawn would have. That sentence was in February, converted into a fine. The court considers proven that his signature has been forged.

Monday, probably acquittal. “Then, I travel as soon as possible, to Limburg, to my second family. So I see Roda JC now. I have had incredible support received from all sections of the club,” says the 31-year-old Korotaev Wednesday in an interview with The Telegraph.

“That trust, the love of the fans, my ambitions only increased. I had understood when they had me drop, but they kept the faith in me to express. This is precisely why I will do everything to Roda JC yet and my ambitions with the club.”

In January let Wim Collard, general manager of Roda, yet know to worry about a future with Korotaev. “The patience of Aleksei, but also of everyone who Roda JC cares, is a tough test,” he said then.


Korotaev was the beginning of 2017 ago grand presented by Roda. The young businessman showed himself to be particularly ambitious, but was then not heard of. At the beginning of may discovered Roda that the lender since February in the cell. Then schortten the Task the acquisition.

Korotaev says to be afraid that major shareholder Frits Schrouff Roda JC in the meantime to an other investor, has agreed to do it. Schrouff left earlier this year to know with parties in conversation.

“That would be the biggest loss of my life. It is not that I than to any other football club, go and take a look. Before that, I have my heart too much to Roda JC pledged. I understand what problems there are arise and I understand that the lord Schrouff want to continue with the club,” said Korotaev.

“The situation where we in the past year in the path, is extremely bizarre. I can only emphasize that I like very much want to continue with Roda JC. My intention is still to the club to take over completely.”

The Roda JC coach Robert Miller must be currently pull out all the stops in order not to relegate from the Eredivisie. The People with still five matches to go in sixteenth place.

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