Johan Vlemmix requires two tonnes of Patricia Mine

Burying the hatchet between Johan Vlemmix and Patricia Mine is still far from buried. Vlemmix wants money to see her, a lot of money. He is now demanding a whopping two tons of the blonde diva.

According Vlemmix is the rel around the sex doll that he of Mine wanted to release a death blow for his company. “By this matter of hair is as much as in the publicity come. I was so positive and busy, there was so much demand for these dolls. People dare at all, no pop to buy more. I have the plug out will have to draw.”

Previously demanded the blonde diva 15,000 euros of Vlemmix, but now the roles are reversed. “Attack is the best verdedinging. We are going to have a claim on her to resign now.” According to de Brabander he runs two tons of future income is wrong, because his sekspoppen negative in the news have come through the Patricia Mine. Also he claims that many people previous orders cancelled.

Johan thinks that he has a strong case, so he tells Omroep Brabant. “I can prove that the business by all the negative publicity completely broken. From her side, I never show something, never made anything. Just nothing. There is nothing at all. In this issue are only losers.”

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