Four people injured in shooting hq YouTube

SAN BRUNO – In the shooting at the headquarters of YouTube, in San Bruno one dead and four injured cases. The fatal victim is a woman and was, according to the local police believed to be the shooter. They would themselves have been shot. The woman would the fire have opened a café in the open air at the site of YouTube. The victims were in the building are found.

Buildings in the area to be evacuated. Workers come out with their hands above their head.

The victims to the hospital, but would be out of danger. The authorities are not going out of terror. What is the motive for the shooting, however, remains unclear.

The local police called after the incident to stay away from the Cherry Avenue and Bay Hill Drive. The emergency services were massively present.

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Agents come off on the notification of an ’active shooter’.

On images of social media is to see that people out walking with their hands in the air. So, they are trying to agents to make it clear that they have no weapon to carry. All the bystanders were searched.

An employee of YouTube wrote on Twitter that he and colleagues had barricaded in a room. Later tweeted he: ,,Safe. Ben evacuated and now outside.”

,,We were in a meeting when we heard running. The floor vibrated. We first thought of an earthquake”, tweeted another employee.

San Bruno is located about 15 miles south of San Francisco.

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