Facebook: data Dutch leaked

SAN FRANCISCO – the details of more than 89.000 Dutch facebook users are may came into the hands of the research firm Cambridge Analytica. That confirmed Facebook after notification by the NOS. Throughout the world, according to the latest figures to up to 87 million people, mostly Americans. Earlier estimates were of about 50 million users.

The issue led the last weeks to a lot of fuss about the privacy of facebook users. Cambridge Analytica played an evil role in the election campaign of president Donald Trump. The company would be the personal have used information to kiezersprofielen.

Facebook ceo Mark Zuckerberg offered already apologized and promised improvement. The techbedrijf saw meanwhile, billions of dollars of market capitalization evaporate.

As a result of the scandal has Facebook now also the general terms and conditions updated. The update is designed to make everything clearer and clearer by simplifying the language, claims the company. Recently, the privacy settings can also be better visible and it was easier for users to clear data. Zuckerberg goes next week to the Us Congress to the text and to explain the privacyschandaal.

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