Defense Bill Cosby may have previously denied a witness calls

The legal team Bill Cosby may Margo Jackson calls as a witness in the misbruikzaak against the fallen comedian. At an earlier hearing of the case last year, was a testimony of the woman still refused.

Jackson is a former colleague of Andrea Constant, the woman who Cosby it accuses her drugged and abused. Constant-would ever have said that they have a lot of money could earn by a well-known person to betichten of sexual abuse.

The judge in the case is according to news agency Reuters this time also that the defence evidence shows a sum of money that Cosby at Constant paid. Just as the testimony of Jackson, this must be the story of Cosby’s lawyers to support that Constant abuse has invented to get rich.

Also the selection of judges in the case went Tuesday to further. Ultimately, seven people included in the jury, which ultimately twaalfkoppig. The members of the jury during the trial of isolated from the rest of the world. This means that they only contact may have with each other, no newspapers are allowed to read or television to watch and no access to the internet.

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