Candidates Today About a Year angry at VRT

A number of participants on Today About a Year, the program of Cath Luyten, is quite disappointed. On the screen, you will however, nothing of notice. And with reason: the conscious participants, the screen not pick up. “The format comes from Great Britain and there they had a production house, The People, the creators of the Flemish version, the fact that they quite a margin names and what additional people followed”, says VRT-spokesman Hans Van Goethem in the Mediahuiskranten, “because in Britain, it was shown that not all the stories to an end. Interestingly enough, it was in Flanders that is the case. As a result, the production company eight stories had. We have a solution, and two additional episodes in which that people has to be addressed. The extra episodes after the last broadcast of may 24, on, where they viewed free of charge and can be shared.” For the participants, that is no solace, because they really wanted the tv screen.

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