American soldiers remain in Syria until IS is wiped out’

The United States remain for the time being, however, still has a military presence in Syria. The American president Donald Trump announced recently a rapid and complete withdrawal, but for the time being not by.

The White House wants the American soldiers in Syria remain to the terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS) is ‘cut off’. That goal may seem fast approaching, the White House, but of the withdrawal of the troops can only then occur.

President Trump announced last week, unexpectedly, that the American army ’soon’ from Syria would leave. ‘It is time for us to return home, ” said Trump at the end of march. “We need our people back to our own country, where they belong.”

The commander of the U.s. central command, viersterrengeneraal Joseph Votel, said on Tuesday that Syria still areas where IS fighters are active and that American soldiers will continue to fight.

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