Actress Tine Van den Brande goes to Green in Mechelen

At the municipal elections in October in Mechelen will be actress and presenter, Tine Van den Brande in Green on the list. Van den Brande was six years ago, elected as an independent candidate on the sp.a-list.

“I do that not out of opportunistic reasons, but because of the I the passion for sustainable themes to be the most feel at Green. Climate change and mobility are major challenges. The next six years, it must happen”, says Van den Brande to Gazet van Antwerpen.

Since the municipal elections of six years ago deposit, Tine Van den Brande on the political event. Prior to this she was often to be seen as an actress in many plays, series and films. For example, she was seen in series such as ‘Aspe’, ‘Witse’ and ‘Flikken’. In addition, she was also known as the presenter of ‘The New dream factory’, ‘Temptation Island’ and ‘Stanley’s Route’.

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