Trump wants troops to recover from Syria

WASHINGTON – The Us president, Donald Trump wants in the short term to make a decision about the American military presence in Syria. The president made clear that he is seriously considering American men back to retrieve it. ,,I wants to get away. I want our troops home. I want our country to build.”

Archive view of the Us base at al-Asaliyah, in the neighborhood of Aleppo.

The US have known about 2000 troops stationed in Syria. They give more support to local partners, who Islamic State fight. IS controlled before a large ‘caliphate’ in Iraq and Syria, but there is very little more about.

Trump said at a news conference with Baltic leaders that the organization is defeated. The president suggested that the turn off of the main mission” of his country. We used to have that job nearly finished and we will take very soon a decision, which is agreed with others, about what we are going to do.”

The president stated that his country has, since 2001, billions has spent on the Middle East. It provides us with nothing, nothing,” said Trump. ,,You think: a 7 trillion dollar over a period of 17 years. And it brought us nothing, nothing except death and destruction. That is terrible. So it is time.”

The Us special envoy for the coalition against IS, Brett McGurk, said Tuesday that the fight IS not yet behind us. ,,We are in Syria to fight against IS to fight. That is our mission, and our mission is not over yet”, he said during a forum in Washington. We used to go on that mission to finish.”

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