South Korea connect computer to shut down in fight against overtime

In South Korea, the high workload is a problem in the society. To the balance between work and home again to recover, and brought the government a number of measures. The final action: the computers, simply turn it off.

The initiative was established on 30 march launched. The computers went on Friday to 20 hours of unrelenting. In april starts the second phase, the computers on Friday at 19.30 o’clock. From may is 19 hours of the closing time on the last day of the work week.

A high workload and lots of overtime is a big problem in South Korea. On average employees 2.739 hours of overtime per year, that there are 1.000 more than colleagues in other economically developed countries. Not every employee sees the new system, 67,1 percent, has already an exception pending.

It is not the first time that the government intervenes to the working pressure of the population to relieve. South Korea reduced last month the maximum number of working hours from 68 to 52. France also adopted already a law that the employee has the right to go offline. There is no one more obliged to answer emails after work hours.

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