Road hog (20) on free feet by ‘rijkeluisziekte’

Ethan Couch, who as a drunk 16-year-old four people doodreed, is already after four years of imprisonment again a free man. His lawyers could get the judge to convince that Couch, ‘affluenza’ is suffering.

On June 15, 2013 caused the 16-year-old Ethan Couch of Tarrant County, a serious car accident in which four people were killed. Couch had a drinking game played and was then with the truck his father’s step gone with his friends.

Then Couch the fatal accident caused, he had three times more per thousand alcohol in his blood than the permissible value. Afterwards declared Couch that he also Valium had taken. He drove with a speed of 110 kilometers per hour in a zone where 65 miles per hour was allowed.


Couch had, at the time, only a conditional imprisonment for the fatal collision. But a few years later, broke one of his terms: on the internet up popped a video that showed how the teen alcohol drinking. That had the court forbid him.

When Couch got to hear that he was going to prison would be charged, he fled, together with his mother to Mexico. After some time, they were still arrested and extradited to the US.

‘Affluenza’ or ‘rijkeluisziekte’

Ultimately, the court ruled that the young American’s for each victim 180 days to the cell. A light punishment, because the judge listened to the lawyers of the Couch, who insisted that the young man to ‘affluenza’ is suffering.

‘Affluenza’ is a fusion of affluent (welvaardig), and influenza (flu). In the vernacular it is – not-recognized – condition the ‘rijkeluisziekte’. The idea behind it is that the people who suffer during their youth are overly spoiled by their parents and never ran into trouble because their parents, all the problems afkochten with money.

Despite his rijkeluisziekte has Couch after four years cell definitely ‘sincerely regrets his actions’, according to his lawyers. The next six years, need Couch, that is now 20 years old, are at the disposal of the court. He will be an ankle bracelet and every evening at nine o’clock at home. In addition, he will regularly need to return to the court for drug testing.

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