PSV find GoodHabitz second shirtsponsor for the upcoming season

PSV has with GoodHabitz a second shirtsponsor found for the upcoming season. The name of the Eindhoven-based company, which specializes in online courses, get a spot on the back of the shirt, above the player number.

“GoodHabitz is a company like Philips in Eindhoven in the small-scale is started and then increased. The ambitions are great and with us and GoodHabitz, there is the belief that PSV therein can play a role”, says Frans Janssen, commercial director of PSV, Tuesday in the Eindhovens Dagblad.

It is not known how much money the deal is involved. until mid-2019 as the first shirtsponsor on the chest of the shirt, to pay 6 million euros per year.

GoodHabitz will only work for one season rugsponsor of PSV, after which moves to the back of the shirt. Last month it was announced that the Energy company, the successor of Philips, in 2019, after three years of stops as the main sponsor. PSV still has no successor.

Names of players

Incidentally, it is Energiedirect since January too for a few months rugsponsor, after the club for three years in vain searched for a sponsor for the back of the shirt. The only other rugsponsor that PSV ever had was the lender Freo from 2011 to 2015.

PSV is the only club of the traditional top three that are also on the back of the shirt space for sponsorship. With Ajax and Feyenoord are the names of the players above the number. The PSV-shirt are the names of the players under the bib.

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