Paaswonder: 13-year-old survives twelve hours in sewer Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES – A 13-year-old boy has for twelve hours been stuck in the sewer in the American city of Los Angeles. More than a hundred firefighters were called. “I prayed and God asked for help.”

Jesse Hernandez (13) survived his rioolavontuur narrowly.

Jesse Hernandez was playing in Grittith Park, where he and his family Easter fourth. He jumped on wooden shelves in an abandoned building, after which he was almost eight feet fell down and in a narrow pipe up. “I saw nothing, I heard only the water flow,” he says in an interview with NBC news.

Through the pipe flowed the crude sewage with a speed of about 25 kilometers per hour. Not only is the sewer filled with toxic gases, the underground system where the boy through it was dragged a large maze. The chances are that he is alive should be found was thus not very large.

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The fire brigade searched the whole night to the boy. “We were quite surprised that we him alive seem to be anywhere,” says a firefighter. The emergency services knew him to locate with the help of a special camera.

When Jesse was found, he was hidden under a manhole cover, over three metres under the ground. This place was located just a mile from the place where he is in the sewer had fallen.

Jesse was checked in the hospital, but should quickly go home. American media speak about a real paaswonder.

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