One hundred and sixty artists celebrating Record Store Day

More than 160 artists and bands perform at Record Store Day in one or more record stores. With a total of 270 performances will be on april 21, the celebration of the independent record store celebrated.

In a hundred record stores across the country throughout the day, live music. The band Claw Boys Claw, this year the Dutch ambassador of Record Store Day, gives performances, successively, Hilversum, Utrecht, Gouda and Delft. Other artists that this year, in one or several record stores play are, among others, Blaudzun, Racoon, Ellen ten Damme, Tim Knol, The Brahms, Gruppo Sportivo and Bettie serveert.

Record Store Day was created eleven years ago in the United States. The event will take place in the meantime 2000 independent record stores in America, Europe, Australia and Japan. On the website of the Dutch Record Store Day is the complete program.

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