Nuisance on French railways on first day of strike

The strike of the French spoorbonden, that Tuesday, started, leads immediately to significant inconvenience for the traffic. The unions want the next few weeks, alternating between two and three days per week, work to lay against the reforms that the government wants to implement.

Tuesday, cease almost half of the staff of the French rail company SNCF. In the local trains driving over the general one in five trains, with the tgv’s, the situation is even worse. ‘Everything is fixed’, says a journalist from Franceinfo from the Paris north station. The international traffic in the direction of Belgium would be less annoying to encounter, let the NMBS Sunday night already know.

For the French president Emmanuel Macron is this conflict with the unions, a major tug-of-war: it will be Macrons first serious challenge since he is in may of 2017 came to power. His government wants the SNCF reform, which shall include the statutory appointment for new recruitments in question. The trade unions fear that the government, the company in the future wants to privatize, but the government denies.

36 strike days

For Macron, France in-depth wants to reform’, it is a crucial reform. Also for the trade unions is a major event: they wish to in the future continue to weigh on other important reforms, including the civil servants and the pensions.

Until the end of June 36 strike days planned. According to opinion polls find the majority of the French people, the strike is unjustified, but at the spoorbonden is hoped that this tilts if the government ontoegeeflijk.

This week also Wednesday, discontinued. The unions are willing to weeks to go ahead with this strike if no answer is given to their requirements.

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