‘Langeler endeavours crown with unprecedented jankverhaal’

“Jong Oranje-coach Art Langeler harnessed this week the crown with an unprecedented jankverhaal where the Calimero content of every sentence is dripping.”

Art Langeler

That writes Valentijn Driessen, chief football, The Telegraaf/Telesport, this Tuesday morning in his column.

“The bottom line was that Young Orange despite a bar bad field in the small stadionnetje on more than one and a half hour drive from an international airport and a bad referee still a great performance was delivered by 1-0 in Andorra, to win. Andorra, the number 53 in the UEFA rankings, against the as fourteenth qualified the Netherlands.”

Read the full column by Valentijn Driessen in the premium edition of The Telegraaf/Telesport from Tuesday 3 april.

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