Kylie Minogue: ’getting Married is nothing for me”

After her broken engagement and the subsequent nervous breakdown, is Kylie Minogue’s very clear in the Daily Mail: the marriage is simply not something for her.

Kylie Minogue

The star, who next month 50, has many long-standing relationships are polite. And now is the time to get married, for her, is Kylie Minogue. “I’ve anyway never thought that I would marry. Only engaged to be felt as an experiment, because I, as a girl and later as a woman, never the image of myself as someone who would get married.”

Let them know that the whole idea of a big wedding in her upbringing has not occurred and that a marriage is not something that they ever needed or wanted. That they are still engaged with the much younger Joshua Sasse (30)? “I thought that I might be wrong was, and there for had to go. Maybe I had to do what most people do. It works for them.” But after her recent experiences, she has re-filed with its earlier vision: “The marriage is not for rmij.”

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