Jon van Eerd proud first musical

Jon van Eerd is extremely proud that his first self-penned musical will soon be in theatres in the Netherlands. Tuesday he looked approvingly how the circus started at the press presentation in Amsterdam.

“I’m also really proud”, says Van Eerd. “We came here this morning within and then I saw everyone busy with costumes and the makeup and posters, and the music and movies. Yes, it’s going to really happen. It’s very exciting.”

The piece is an adaptation of the farce, The aunt of Charlie (2004), who was also with Jon van Eerd in the lead role and also translated by him from English. Charley is about a butler (Of the Limelight) who is forced to pretend to be a charming aunt to two young lovers from the fire to help.


With a lot of fuss was the piece Tuesday in Amsterdam presented and the absent Anne-Mieke Ruyten after, came all the main characters as their character show up. Here and there, under the leadership of Van Eerd all improvised and without that there is also only a minute’s officially rehearsed it seemed as if the cast the piece for years in a row plays. The cast of Charley is to jump to start the rehearsals.

“It is, I think, a feast for eye and ear”, says actor Laus Steenbeeke, who is The aunt of Charlie saw it. “I have a laugh”, chuckles he now he remember think back. “Now there is an extra facet. Namely, an orchestra on stage, plus music by Michael Reed.”


“I was immediately excited”, adds Jonathan Demoor added. “Isn’t this fun? Who wouldn’t want in a performance where people have to laugh?”, he asks. “There are a lot of people where I didn’t before I played, but I have in performances have seen and that I really want to go crazy find,” he says. “The fun is flying around already. I actually can’t wait to start. But it will be some time… more than a half of the year.”

The rehearsals of Charley begin in October. At the end of november, the first try-outs on the program, and then on december 9 the official premiere is planned. That takes place in the Oude Luxor Theater in Rotterdam. The show Charley travels after a few months by the country.

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