Hakim Traïdia and Margreet Blanken in Chameleon

Hakim Traïdia and Margreet Blanken are the latest names that were added to the new Chameleon series at the end of april premiere. The first episode of the new series about the roguish twins and their boat is on Saturday, april 21, to see at NPO Zapp.

The twins, Duke and Scott Huisman make their debut as Hielke and Sietse Klinkhamer. Other important roles are played by Michiel Kerbosch, Dominique van Vliet, Cas Jansen and Bas Muijs.

In the twelve-part series discusses many current topics. How to play Margreet Blanken, to the public at large primarily known as sister Cleaning from MCW, the grandmother of the twins who is suffering from dementia. Mum and dad really differ of opinion on the question, what is the best way to care for Beppe.

Refugee status

Hakim Traïdia, known from his role in sesame street, plays the role of the refugee Tekeste. The advent of Tekeste in the village Lenten leads to a lot of commotion. The twins Klinkhamer decision a collection campaign to ensure they are finding that the refugee family in Friesland.

The new Chameleon series has twelve episodes.

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