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‘Guust Flater’ from Wednesday on the white cloth

After Robbedoes and Kwabbernoot also has gaston lagaffe / Guust Flater, the most inept and careless clerk, from the comic strip world, his road to the white cloth found in the first authorised adaptation of his crazy adventures.

The film of the French director Pierre-François Martin-Laval is a faithful adaptation of the gags of the comic book, which in 1957 was created by its Belgian spiritual father André Franquin. The film will be Wednesday in the Belgian movie theaters.

A first film in 1981, ‘Fais gaffe à la gaffe!’ (Guust Flater is Gaston Lagaffe in French) was inspired by the hero of the comic strip by André Franquin, who in 1997 died, but if the names of the characters, not use, just the jokes. Pierre-François Martin-Laval was carte blanche from the heirs of Franquin.

While the recent two films about the Rags are not really blockbusters mentioned may be, of this first feature film about the adventures of gaston lagaffe / Guust Flater much is expected. The interpretation of gaston lagaffe / Guust Flater seems the young French actor Théo Fernandez (19) written on your body. It put a real lazy There down, in his small green sweater with a roll, his too short jeans and blue espadrilles and red socks. The comedian was accidentally recruited during a casting session at UGC, co-producer and distributor of the film. Théo Fernandez was there asleep in the waiting room of the film company, and missed his turn. An example situation in the spirit of gaston lagaffe / Guust Flater.

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