Confusion about Israeli deal to refugees resettling

A few hours after the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu an agreement with the UN refugee organisation UNHCR had proposed, about the resettlement of sixteen thousand African refugees, apron, which he is. Netanyahu did that Monday night via Facebook.

The agreement implied that the sixteen thousand migrants, who are from Sudan and Eritrea, within five years in other countries resettled. Vice versa would be sixteen thousand migrants remain in the country and an ‘official status’.

But now, wrote to Netanyahu that he first by the inhabitants of the south of Tel Aviv want to talk about. Afterwards there is a new evaluation of the plan. The inhabitants of the district had complained about the UNHCR-deal. Many of the refugees living there already. From a message of the newspaper Haaretz show that members of the religious right-wing government of Netanyahu sharp criticism.

‘No appointments’

Possible opvanglanden were according to Netanyahu, Germany, Canada and Italy. But the organisation suggested in the evening it quite clear that these countries give no appointments exist. Sources within UNHCR to say that the refugee organisation now in need for childcare places abroad want to make sure.

According to UNHCR the cancelled agreement about 39.000 migrants. The religious-right-wing government regards them as illegal immigrants and calls them simply ‘intruders’. Only in exceptional cases, authorises the government of asylum applications well.

The Israeli government announced to the people and to disclaim to third countries in Africa. Until the end of march, they have the opportunity voluntarily to travel. Israel offered them converted 2.800 euro. Then there is the threat of prison.

The German ministry of the Interior informed me that it is not aware of specific questions to Israel, residing refugees as part of the UNHCR resettlement programme as well as to catch. Germany is its humanitarian obligations, also by the inclusion of such refugees, already ‘extensively complied, and will in the future continue to do so’. A spokesman of the German embassy in Israel reported that from 2014 to 2018 over of 9,600 refugees as part of the UNHCR program, captured by Germany. Also the Italian ministry of Foreign Affairs speaks against that there is such an agreement with UNHCR.

‘The pressure of the court’

The services of Netanyahu declared that the agreement would ensure that in the next five years is no longer necessary to ‘the politics of the forced uitwijzingen for third states to continue’. The government tried the original plan, she said. “But under pressure from the court and because of political difficulties on the side of the third states, it was necessary to find another solution.’ The agreement with UNHCR is, however, in accordance with international law.

Human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, Israel had welcomed the agreement. Thousands of israelis came to the last few weeks on the street to protest against the expulsion of the refugees. Survivors of the Holocaust, called upon the government to itself, the history of the own people, remember, human.

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