Children old cyclist Tom Boonen noticed that their father was absent

The former racing cyclist Tom Boonen stopped last year with professional cycling, because his two children began to feel that he is not often home.

“Valentine and Jacqueline are the main reason for my wielerpensioen. I want to be a present father and as a rider, that is not self-evident. I still had two-year courses, but I felt that my absence is noticed,” says the four-time winner of Paris-Roubaix in an interview in the Belgian magazine Humo.

Boonen was between 2002 and 2017 fifteen year long professional cyclist and won in 2007 the points classification at the Tour de France. The 37-year-old Belgian will find it hard not to now as a dedicated father, and to live.

“What the night’s sleep, I have indeed seen better times. At seven o’clock in the morning waking up is all a lie, but I enjoy them to be a family man. Often I take the girls to my work.”

Hiv patients

Boonen divides his time about his work as a co-owner of an exclusive car showroom and explore in addition to step-by-step the televisielandschap.

“I’m going to a tv program for the VRT (Belgian broadcaster, eds.). I have long doubted whether I would do it, but the proposal was too good to refuse. (…) In the VRT had been for a while a contract ready for me. For the first time, I had to decide whether I get the attention itself would look up or not. I found the proposal too good not to do it. It is a program about how the bike to a better life, such as in fietsambulanciers in Malawi who are hiv-patients home care. Many more I can not yet say, the program is still in the researchfase.”

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