Brownie Dutch going to fight against bullying

Brownie Dutch is the new ambassador of the anti-pestencampagne tv channel Cartoon Network. On the basis of the theme Everyone is different, the singer and rapper are committed in the fight against bullying.

Brownie Dutch

“I like to be ambassador of this project, because I for children what is important to me that the subject of bullying is discussed. With bullying, you can someone literally ruin”, says Brownie. “Everyone is unique and has talent. Everyone deserves a chance to shine, because everybody is a star.”

The anti-pestencampagne of Cartoon Network will start on Monday, 9 april. The campaign has two animatiespots about the differences between families and what that means for a child and a tv-spot with Brownie Dutch. Also, there is an online platform with information about bullying, set up in cooperation with You. Last year called, almost 15,000 children with You to talk about bullying, research shows.

It is the fourth time that Cartoon Network a anti-pestencampagne organizes. Last year it was actress Britt Scholte, the ambassador of the project.

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