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Bayern is United not: Germans grab fine uitpositie in Seville

Stunt Seville after the elimination of Manchester United in the Champions League? That can still happen, but after the 1-2 in Spain, Bayern Munich have the best cards to get to the semi-final by strike. Navas blotted out the opening goal from Sarabia, Thiago did another one on.

In Seville, we had to wait until the half hour to score a goal. Sarabia poked when a cross from Escudero past Ulreich. Bayern proved to be not regarded, and responded five minutes later. Sevilla-defender Navas tapped in a cross from the just down James in his own goal. After peace was Bayern it all off. Ribéry did, after 68 minutes of the second pole Thiago, who is 1-2 against the ropes was. Also Bayern is already with one leg in the final four.

The terugwedstrijden find next week Wednesday.

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