Baba Yega is now also in comic form

Since last Wednesday walks “Baba Yega, The Movie” in the Flemish cinemas. The reactions after the premiere and the first weekend of the film are very excited and guess that thousands of young Baba Yega’s fans with a lot of fun in the coming weeks the Baba’s at work want to see in their very first movie. And for all those fans, there is good news, because from may 2, is “The Order of S. N. O. T.” in the store. This Baba Yega Strip brings in big lines the story of the film but with its own accents and storyline. The film-scenario of the brothers Van Ostade ward edited by Steve van Bael which is also responsible for the drawings. Steve started as an employee at Merho for The Kiekeboes but earned in the meantime his tracks with his own work, o.a. Link, Figaro, Iris, and the much talked about Marc Coucke strip.

Artist Steve van Bael: “The Baba’s are not only incredible dancers but they also have the heart on the right place. The movie and this comic are therefore the perfect addition for all fans of the Baba’s. I’ve really enjoyed this story worked.”
Baba Yega manager Bjorn Wendelen adds: “Baba Yega is really a project. In addition to the film itself, the BabaYegaMovie-day in Bellewaerde and the ALOFA event in Ostend, we can now the children and their parents are also happy with the strip. And there’s more to come! “

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