Arnold Schwarzenegger active again on social media after heart surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger has for the first time after his heart surgery through social media make their voices heard. The actor and former governor of California was at the end of march a heart valve replaced.

“It is true: I’m back (I’m back),” said the actor and former governor of California.

“I went to sleep expecting to wake up with a small incision in my chest, but I woke up with a big jaap – but you know what? I woke up and that I am grateful for. Thank you to the doctors and nurses. And I am very grateful for all the kind messages,” writes Schwarzenegger on Twitter.

Last Friday, a spokesman announced that the operation of the 70-year-old actor was successful, and that this generated was after waking up from the anesthesia. It was the second heart surgery for Schwarzenegger. The replaced valve was in 1997 by a previous operation in the heart of the actor is placed.

With the statement ‘I’m back’, it refers to the actor at I’ll be back, the verdict, where his most famous character, the Terminator reputed to be.

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