André van der Toorn: ’I was sad, anxious and hondsberoerd’

André van der Toorn was in december cancer free explained, but the presenter is still working daily with the disease. “Slowly, I’m from an incredibly deep valley to the crawl”, said André in an interview with Veronica Magazine.

Two months ago saw André the not sit. “Really, it is the most dark period in my life. I was sad, anxious and hondsberoerd. Which chemo’s will make everything broken. My eyes burned as if there was lemon juice in it was thrown, the feeling in my fingers was gone, my scalp ached, I suffered from heartburn and blisters in my mouth – all the bagger at the same time.”

Last summer was the presenter of Wegmisbruikers lymphoma diagnosed after he suffered terrible back pain in the hospital was reached. André had to immediately go under the knife, and lay for five weeks in the VU medical center in Amsterdam. “It was so much that I really, really shaky in life. But I am a good survivor. I’ve had people experienced with a much better prognosis that gave it neergooiden. That all went bust.”

’Royal cancer’

A week and a half after the surgery was the 56-year-old presenter the diagnosis. “I seemed to be the same kind of cancer to have if prince Bernhard jr., so a bit of a royal cancer. The non-hodgkin’s lymphoma.”

When he was told that he was cancer free, was not all the worry away. “You would think that I was on the table was jumping and dancing, but if that doesn’t work. It is so large that it is not in your head.”

Every day notice the SBS-face the consequences of his illness. “My memory is pretty bad,” mentions André as an example. Although he is “getting stronger” feel, get the presenter that his recovery time is needed. “I have a heavy operation, and two heavy-duty chemo’s had. You have to relax. That may all be a little slower than I would like, but fine.”

Soon wait for André the first comprehensive control. “I find that very exciting. After five years there is complete remission, all signs of the disease disappeared. But I don’t look too far ahead. I enjoy every day I have on this earth.”

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