Actor Job Bovelander father of son

Job Bovelander and Chava in ’t Holt are the parents of a son. The acteurskoppel welcomed last week Noan, so did Jon, among others, known for Dokter Tinus, Tuesday announced at the press presentation of the new musicalkomedie Charley.

Job Bovelander

“Yes, I am a father! Everything is completely gone. He is with a caesarean section in the world to come”, says the happy Job, that his eyes could not believe. “Afterwards I said to my girlfriend: I would this day, as about want to do. It is so special to have a child. Something that is always so abstract, than just reality. He came out and I immediately thought: that’s him! That I had ordered!”

Job plays in the musical Charley in the role of Louis of Blaericum. The piece is written by Jon van Eerd, who also plays the lead. The musical is in december in première.

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