Woman should 28.000 euro to pay for parking

PALMA DE MALLORCA – The owner of a blue Volvo in march 2009 in the centre of Palma de Mallorca in a parking garage is set, it should still 28.000 euro parking fee to pay. This has a Spanish court confirmed, after years of proceedings relating to the abandoned vehicle, reported Monday the newspaper El País.

The Volvo last week with the help of a crane from the car park removed. The landlord of the parking space got already in 2012-to the right when the car years was parked. If the parking ticket when the ticket machine had stopped, was the due parking fee is already well over 20,000 euros.

The landlord was like, but the automobiliste left nothing of themselves. They delayed in addition, procedures that allow the landlord the bill hoped to settle. This is, incidentally, hasn’t happened yet, but the car is finally gone and is not the property of the wife that to him there nine years ago parked.

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