Tickets Paaspop 2019 already on sale

Paaspop 2018 is Sunday ended, but the organization is already busy with the edition of 2019. Sat night is going to be a limited number of tickets for that festival in the sale.

Guus Meeuwis occurs during the third and last day of Paaspop, the traditional kick-off of the festival season.

The presale is at 12: 00 pm start at the website of the festival. It comes to (super) early birdtickets, let the organization know. There may also be tickets for camping can be purchased.

In the edition of last weekend came in at a whopping 81.000 people. That meant an absolute record for Paaspop. Last year, 75,000 music lovers, the festival that traditionally the opening of the festival season in our country.

The prototype of Paaspop was a musical feast in the Schijndelse village hall in the seventies. In 1985 had the festival place for the first time on easter Sunday in a circus tent next to the local riding school. It took a day and was Paaspop baptized. As of 2011, a three-day festival.

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