Robert the High in second season series Soof

Robert de Hoog plays a role in the second season of the tv series Soof. The recordings have just begun.

“Soof discovered in the new season, the world of television. She gets a cooking show”, tells Lies Visschedijk about the storyline to RTL. Naturally, her character also fall in love. The one that the fire in her intimate is tv-maker Victor, a role played by Robert de Hoog.

“Victor is a tv producer and wants to be a cooking show with Soof. That they go together up. Whether it is a success or not, that remains to be determined,” says Robert on the set of Soof 2. The actor is currently starring in the new advocatenserie Zuidas of BNNVARA.

Soof 2 is at the end of this year on Videoland. Recently, RTL4 and the first season of the series broadcast. The last episode pulled last week, nearly 1.4 million viewers.

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