Powerful Ajax conquers Future Cup

Ajax Under 17 has in a convincing way, the Future Cup winners. The talents were in the final a bit too big for Juventus: 2-0.

Nacl Ünüvar

Ajax came after a nerve-wracking penalty shoot-out against Anderlecht for the final battle, in which Juventus is the opponent. The Locals were from the beginning a lot stronger than Italian peers, and made the difference through the excellent Nacl Ünüvar.

The only 14-year-old playmaker opened in the first half the score, after he took a drag gesture handsome had unlocked. In the second half doubled Ünüvar also the margin. From the edge of the penalty area and pulled the young man beautifully: 2-0. For Ünüvar, it was his fifth goal of the tournament.

The victory for Ajax Under 17 was not in danger, making the team for the second year in a row, the Future Cup to his name, wrote.


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