#Paymetoo for equal pay

In the United Kingdom is a group of British members of parliament launched a campaign for equal pay for men and women.

All private companies with more than 250 personnel are required for Wednesday night, their hourly wages for men and women to disclose. For the public sector was that deadline last Friday.

The results for the public sector, confirm the gender pay gap: in nine out of ten public sectors is the hourly rate for women average 14 percent less than for men.

#paymetoo, an initiative of a group of female members of parliament, gives women advice on how they wage to enforce.

“If we gap, really want to tackle, we need to do more than the figures disclose. We also need to show how the leaves can be a poem’, says Stella Creasy (Labour) in The Guardian. Her initiative has the support of both party members as the Conservative, Liberal Democratic and Scottish Nationalist parliamentarians.

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