Man wants Jesus to save, falls to Romans

Nova Hartz – passions plays in the Brazilian city of Nova Hartz is on Good Friday rudely interrupted by a spectator who Jesus tried to save the cross. He fell to the actors who are Romans, and played on with a motorcycle helmet.

The Roman soldier is wearing a crash helmet, from behind attacked.

Had just bystanders the man shouting that he ” Jesus would not let them die.”

While Carl Orffs Carmina Burana sounded and a Roman soldier, Jesus in the side stabbed with a spear, climbed up the viewer for the sight of thousands of amazed visitors, the stage and beat the ’Roman’ with his helmet. The man could by other actors to be overpowered. No one was injured. The passions plays could be completed.

According to the Brazilian website would the man in the war and already left before the police on the spot.

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