’London and Washington, to violate all the rules’

MOSCOW – The Russian minister Sergey Lavrov accuses London and Washington, all norms of decency, to violate. “Great Britain and the USA, and all countries that have them blindly follow, have any decency lost” in the matter Skripal. They operate according to Lavrov of gross lies and manipulation.

Even in the Cold War, there were still unwritten social conventions, where everyone complied, but London and Washington stand in the way now no longer back, complained Lavrov. According to him, the political problem facing British government interest in the weird gifmoordaanslag in the English Salisbury, and Russia not at all.

The Russian ex-secret agent Sergei Skripal is the beginning of march with a strange substance in his hometown of Salisbury poisoned. The Kremlin has, according to Lavrov no interest in him now to do, with a strange kind of nerve from the time of the Soviet Union. The British government insists there are already almost a month on that it is very likely that the Kremlin was behind the attack. Proofs are not discussed.

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