How to survive an F-16 pilot in hostile territory?

The horrific images of the pilots over enemy territory in Syria and Iraq ran into trouble and IS taken prisoner and tortured were, went around the world. Now burst the images after Barry, Sprinker, Scalle, Gadis and the other pilots followed in the F-16. This, they hope never to make. F-16 pilot Barry: “That is a very difficult topic. There will be about chatting, but…”. Also Gizmo has everything prepared: “I do not know what my colleagues. But on my desk is a sealed envelope ready for my wife.”

If F-16 pilot they must not only learn to fly, but they get an extensive training in enemy territory to survive. In episode three shows a military in Jordan in the survival package of an F-16 pilot, in case he with his ejection device must leave. Really everything is provided. Of a inflatable boat and a spade a ransom of sugary caramels. The pilots are also armed. And then the question is what to do with their last bullet to do so if they are captured by ruthless IS fighters.

Of crucial importance in the equipment of the pilots is their helmet. That is not just a protection, but a piece of cutting-edge technology. One helmet can easily cost € 200,000. With the built-in electronics can the pilots immediately an enemy try to take down using the Look Lock Launch principle: when the pilot of the enemy to fly, he can simply with a built-in visor look, his gaze on the enemy ‘lock’ and its weapons firing. Actually he shoots it with his eyes.

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