Fiction writer new president of Costa Rica

SAN JOSÉ – Carlos Alvarado Quesada with large lead in the presidential elections in Costa Rica won. The centre-left Quesada defeated his great rival, the conservative Fabricio Alvarado Muñoz. After 91 percent of the vote was counted it turned out that Quesada 61 percent of the votes had been given, and Muñoz is 39 percent.

Party with the ruling party of Carlos Quesada, that a clear election victory is good.

The 38-year-old Quesada is the youngest president in the modern history of Costa Rica. Quesada is a former minister and writes fiction books. Quesada’s won is a big victory for the ruling party where he is.

Muñoz, 43 years and a former television journalist and singer of religious songs, opted in his campaign for a restoration of the “traditional values of Costa Rica”. So he wants gay marriage to stop and he is against abortion. The progressive Quesada fell Muñoz on them and said that he want to be there for everyone. “I will make all people protect, of people with disabilities to people with other sexual preferences,” says Quesada.

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