“Dear Abdelhak, we think every day to you’

Today is the 21st anniversary of Abdelhak Nouri. Ajax stands there on Easter Monday with a nice movie in silence.

Abdelhak Nouri is now 21 years old.

“Dear Abdelhak, we think every day to you, but on your birthday just a little bit more…”, is the caption of a video containing images of a scoring, smiling, and celebrating, Nouri.

The Ajax midfielder was last summer during the training camp of Ajax in Austria affected by a terrible tragedy. The Amsterdam groeibriljantje collapsed during a practice duel in each other after heart failure, and ran it from severe and permanent brain damage.

In October, during an update about his health, it was announced that Nouri on a ‘normal’ ward in the hospital. His situation was described as stable, with independent heartbeat and breathing.


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