Channy is from The Mol

Sunday night, you could have FOUR watch the second episode of The Mole. There was a lot wrong. Not only for the candidates, by the way, because even the viewers at home got to do with the image that stuck, while the subtitles continue to ran. And once that problems a minute later were resolved, was the subtitle for a while. Sabotage from The Mole or not?
Everyone could Sunday The Mol have been, except for Channy. The 26-year-old social assistant from Hechtel was out of the game gekegeld because they have the least number of questions correctly. They had bljkbaar no idea who the saboteur is. Or gambled wrong. It is certain that there are again two women out of the game. A suspect less, if the small chance that someone Channy suspected to be the saboteur of the game. The others, however, there happened on Sunday, so much so that almost everyone is The Mole could be.

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