Blind Married: Wendy and Damiano divorce

Wendy & Damiano put a point behind their Blind Married adventure. Monday night was to see how Damiano and Wendy decided to end their marriage.

Damiano: “On vacation, I have very difficult moments had with Wendy, but I have even more aware of what I had told her to, and that is quite a lot. She really is a warm and incredibly patient person. For me, it was much harder as it is about feelings. I know that I Wendy this hurt and that is not easy. And she was always there for me and understood me. I’ve been so hard for her to be hurt. It is not me, but she really deserves someone who they can be. I really hope that we are friends if they are ready, and if they don’t want that, I will me there with all due respect to him. I know that I have to disappoint you and that is a feeling that I’m horrible.”

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