Blind Married: Show and Three to stay married

Monday night was Blind, Married to see that Show and the Three unanimously decided to get married.
Show: “After three seconds, I already knew that the initial click which I hoped was there. Together with Three after just six days, was the most normal thing in the world. I’m here five weeks ago blind got married and now I am here not only my wife but also with my future partner in crime. Someone against whom I not only can say anything, but someone whose opinion I value, someone who is my friend, someone with whom I want to continue.”

Three: “When I was at this town hall enters, urged by: I’m with to marry someone who I do not know and that can be hard to miss, and then the five weeks to abandon it. But when I walked in, I knew immediately that Show me would lie. We made immediately a lot of jokes, it was good. What, for me, paramount, was that moment after, where we for the first time with each other could chat. We have not stopped talking. I can 100% say that I Show select. He is a wonderful person and has everything I want in a man and that is the reason that I married will remain with him.”

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