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Alonso: “McLaren may start to focus on the top teams”

We are but one race in the new F1-season but Fernando Alonso sharpens the ambitions at McLaren already. According to the Spaniard needs to McLaren after all, focus on the top teams.

The battle in the middle of the Formula 1 is intense and details can sometimes decide on a few places on the starting grid or in the outcome of the race. At McLaren, however, have courage drawn from the double puntenfinish during the GP of Australia.

Alonso predicted that the first race of the new season for McLaren, the most difficult would be. Nevertheless, we saw both mclaren’s, so in points to finish and that is for Alonso enough to already decide that McLaren is no longer in the fight in the middle but the top teams should be aiming for.

“It’s definitely getting better and better,” said the team-mate of the belgian Stoffel Vandoorne. “There’s still a lot of potential in the car.”

“I think that the toppers are now over for us, that exclusive group, consisting of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull.”

To ambition clearly is not lacking in Alonso.

“McLaren would like to be part of that group and hopefully we can during the upcoming races that joe average to forget it and look forward to the joining of these three top teams.”

“There is potential in the car and I see no reason why we the coming races not to become part of that group.”

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