Ajax-talents to honor Nouri during Future Cup

Also the talents of Ajax Under-17 were located Monday during the third day of the Future Cup, aware that it is a special day it was.

Nacl Ünüvar gets effective.

Nacl Ünüvar and Ryan Gravenberch found in the semi-final with Anderlecht, both of the just and celebrated their hit with a tribute to the year old Abdelhak Nouri.

Both talents have formed with their fingers the number 34, referring to the number of Nouri, who is still in the hospital with brain damage. The hit of Gravenberch was finally after the intervention of the videoscheidsrechter disapproved. The duel finally ended in 1-1, and then Ajax after penalties placed for the finals.

Nouri won in 2014 with the Ajax Under-17 the Future Cup and was also voted the best player of the tournament. Now go vote on for the annual Easter tournament following his departure to chelsea about the product.


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